How to Create a Beautiful Blog or News Website Using WordPress and Extra Theme -2024

Create a Beautiful Blog or News, Website Using WordPress

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How to Create a Blog Website – WordPress Extra Theme Tutorial by
Nayyar Shaikh


In this guide, we will delve into the process of crafting an impressive blog or news platform using WordPress and the Extra theme. Developed by the same creator as the widely-used Divi theme, Extra offers all the functionalities of Divi but specializes in blog layout. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to develop a website akin to the one demonstrated in the video transcript.

Platform Overview

Let’s examine the platform we aim to construct. The homepage showcases a trending segment, a search tool, a logo, and a header with a customizable navigation menu. It also incorporates a mega menu featuring three segments for various types of blog entries. Furthermore, there’s a post slider, category segments, a post carousel, and a tabbed section for diverse topics. The sidebar comprises a search tool, recent entries, social media icons, author profiles, and more.

Constructing the Platform

To get started with building your website, you’ll need both a domain name and a hosting plan. Hostinger Hosting comes highly recommended for its top-notch servers and SSD storage, which guarantee swift loading times for your site. You can grab a 10% discount on your purchase by this link.

Once you’ve secured your hosting plan and domain name, head over to the cPanel and install WordPress using the user-friendly Softaculous app installer. Once WordPress is up and running, log in to your dashboard and install the Extra theme. You can snag the theme files from the Elegant Themes website and easily upload them to your WordPress setup. With the theme activated, you’re all set to start personalizing your website according to your preferences.

Crafting Blog Entries

Now that the platform is set up, let’s begin crafting some blog entries. Within WordPress, navigate to the “Posts” section and select “Add New” to create a new blog entry. Here, input a title, and content, and designate a category for your entry. You can also append tags to facilitate user navigation to related entries on your platform.

For each blog entry, employ the Divi Builder to tailor the layout and design. This tool enables the addition of diverse modules like text, images, sliders, and more, to produce visually captivating entries. Adjust fonts, colors, alignments, and other design elements effortlessly using the Divi Builder settings.

Each blog entry can include a featured image displayed at the top. This image should align with the entry’s content and can be uploaded from your device or selected from the media library.

Once your blog entry is complete, click “Publish” to make it live on your platform. You can then view the entry on your platform and make any necessary design or layout adjustments.

Incorporating Authors and Personalizing Author Profiles

To invite additional authors to contribute to your blog, add them as users in WordPress. Within the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the “Users” section and choose “Add New.” Here, input the author’s details and assign them the author role, granting them the capability to create and manage their entries on your platform.

After adding an author, customize their profile by editing their user information. Incorporate a description, and social media links, and alter their profile picture to enable readers to learn more about the author and connect via social media.

Conclusion -Website Using WordPress

Constructing an exquisite blog or news website using WordPress and the Extra theme is a straightforward endeavor. By adhering to the steps outlined in this guide, you can create a remarkable platform with customizable features, including trending segments, search tools, menus, mega menus, sliders, category segments, and more. Utilizing the Divi Builder facilitates easy customization of entry design and layout, resulting in visually appealing content. Don’t forget to add authors to your platform and personalize their profiles to enrich the overall user experience.

With WordPress and the Extra theme, the potential for crafting a remarkable blog or news platform knows no bounds. Commence building your platform today and showcase your content in a visually captivating and immersive manner.

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